Attorney Brandon D. Beardsley is a Certified Family Law Mediator.

Mowrey, Shoemaker, Beardsley can work in a neutral and unbiased way to help you and your spouse negotiate a resolution in an environment that is conducive to open communication and finding solutions that work for you.

What is Mediation?

Mediation is a negotiation process in which the disputing parties are assisted by a neutral third-party—a mediator.  A mediator helps facilitate a resolution by understanding expectations and helping shape settlement negotiations.

Mediation may be appropriate for you if you have a family law dispute and you are seeking to save money in the process and resolve your dispute through negotiation and settlement.

Family litigation can be a painful and difficult process for everyone involved.  A dispute in family court could affect your financial security, you​​r emotional stability, and the well-being of your children.  When facing a divorce or family law case, it is important to remember what is most valuable — repairing or maintaining your life and preserving or creating a healthy environment for your children.

Do I need to have an attorney at mediation?

There is no requirement that you have an attorney at your mediation.  Many parties mediate cases without attorneys.  The mediator, however, cannot give you legal advice or protect your interests.  A mediator can, however, help you explore alternatives.  Nor can a mediator predict what a court will do, but they can make sure you are aware of the law.