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Anyone can get a DUI. It is up to you to figure out how you are going to respond. With an experienced defense lawyer at your side, you can build a drunk driving defense to fight the criminal charges and license suspension. At the St. Augustine law offices of Mowrey Shoemaker Beardsley, we represent a wide range of individuals facing DUI and DWI charges.

If you have been charged with a DUI in Florida, you could easily lose your license.

You have ten days after your arrest to request a DMV hearing or else your license is automatically suspended. Even if your drunk driving charge is dropped, you still have to take action in order to save your license.

Taking appropriate administrative action to keep your license is one of the most important parts of any drunk driving defense. Even if you are unable to keep your proper license, the DMV hearing is a good time to identify holes in the case of the prosecution. We use this as an opportunity to find out what the police will testify to in court without having to reveal our own case to prosecutors.

Even if you are unable to keep your license at your DMV hearing, you can still retain your driving privileges with a hardship license.

Building Your Drunk Driving Defense

When building a comprehensive drunk driving defense, the first thing we do is look at the stop. If the police conducted an improper stop, we will file motions to suppress evidence or have the charges completely thrown out. We will conduct an investigation to make sure that the police did everything they were supposed to do regarding implied consent and breathalyzer tests.

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